The group performs application-driven research in the field of electrical networks modelling and analysis and the use of power converters based technologies into the electric grid like for instance, FACTS and HVDC systems at transmission and distribution level, Distributed generators embedded in the distribution grid through power converters and energy storage for grid supporting and ancillary services. The multidisciplinary composition of the team allow us to create specific software for network analysis and simulation but also develop full functional prototypes and demonstrator of a wide range of grid connected devices based on power converters.The LEMUR Project Research Group is a recently created multidisciplinary group. The works are performed by an enthusiastic team of 16 people, comprising 5 professors of different areas (Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics and Control and Automation). The evolution of the electrical networks towards new structures like smart AC or DC microgrids, the use of new technologies like FACTS or HVDC in the existent ones and the increase of the penetration of renewable energies and other distributed generators, most of them connected to the grid using power converters, makes mandatory essential the existence of new research groups where the conventional power system researcher profile, get along with other profiles like power electronics and control and automation. This is the idea that drove the creation of this research group.